Time Traveling

I played tourist today. I rarely spend an entire day playing, but I wanted to learn more about the Lebanese culture…the Lebanese history. You can’t really understand where a country is now, what their mindset is, without knowing where they’ve come from. So in a period of 7 hours, I saw 2600 years of history. No joke. We started at the Temple of Eshmoun dating back to 600 BC and ended up in soap museum in the souks.


Eshmoun Temple

I’m in awe. Total and complete awe. I knew the civilization dated way back. I wasn’t aware of just how much historical significance there was. There are the Phoenicians from before Christ, Christ himself along with the Romans, the Knights Templar, and the list just goes on and on. What I found especially shocking were the stats we discussed as we were walking around. So there are 6 million people living In Lebanon, a country that is smaller than the state of Connecticut. Yeah, mhm, that’s a ton of people in a little bit of space. Of those 6 million, 2 million are refugees from either Palestine or Syria. Can you imagine? What country out there can swell by 30% relatively quickly and continue along without any growing pains?!?!


Overlooking the Palestinian settlement

It’s no wonder I’m seeing some of the issues I am. It’s actually a bit surprising to me that there isn’t more violence, more poverty, more desperation. And I walked away from the day with a stronger commitment than ever to do whatever I can to make things a little better. I can’t help in a big way at this point, and what help I can offer will be slow. We need to figure out product. We need to figure out pricing. We need to figure out the logistics. And then, and only then, I can start selling…which comes with an entirely different set of challenges. But in the midst of all these uncertainties, I am sure of one thing. I will try. With every ounce of my being, I will try. Hopefully with a lot of work and a little luck, I’ll be successful.

~ by silkrdlady on March 3, 2018.

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