A Material Problem

Today was my second day at a school run by the Presbyterian Church in Tyre. Last night I spent time with the most wonderful seamstress, discussing her class of ladies learning to sew. To see what she has taught them in just a few short lessons was incredible. I’m beyond excited to find projects for them to make, because I know they’ll do a spectacular job. This afternoon was a meeting with a crocheting group. Officially, they’re called a class. By U.S. standards, they’re what I’d call a hen party. It’s a group of Syrian refugee women who get together, sit around a table and crochet…and gab…and share their joys and concerns…and giggle. Mhm, it’s a hen party. This was the second time this week I had nothing to say. Their work is already at such a beautiful level that it left me completely speechless. But it was the second time in two days I’m hearing the same difficulty. They have the skill. They have the desire. They don’t have raw materials. You could find beautiful fabric and yarn in Syria back before the conflict. But that obviously isn’t an option right now. So what do we do? Again, I don’t really know. Based on the feedback yesterday, we made an unscheduled trip to the fabric store in the souks (open air market) this morning.

I bought a variety of fabrics that might have potential, and brought them home, but now I need to generate ideas and find patterns to send back. My initial ideas of what they might be able to sew won’t work. The fabric they need just isn’t available. So now I’m starting over at square 1. It’s kind of fun, this part. Not easy by any standard, but a little bit fun. I’ll buy some patterns, make some samples, and send over the winners. I hope. Time is always an issue on my part. But when we stopped at the souks to look through the fabric store, we didn’t know we needed to look for yarn as well. Soooo I don’t know what’s available. Their skill level is spectacular…but the yarn is scratchy. It’s a hurdle. One of the many I’ve run into this week. Hopefully I can kick it out of the way pretty quickly, because these ladies are ready to work. And I’m ready to put them to work. If only they had some yarn.

~ by silkrdlady on March 2, 2018.

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